If you want to go fast, go alone.  If you want to go far, go with others.

African Proverb

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...So that Pearland will know Jesus - John 13:35

We will accomplish this through

1. Local Church Initiatives and partnerships
2. Community/Marketplace Initiatives and partnerships
3. Prayer Initiatives
4. Coaching / Mentoring and Equipping Resources

ONE Pearland Structure

ONE Pearland is a DBA of Revival Rivers (501c3).  
ONE Pearland is membership driven (see structure below). 
ONE Pearland is biblically founded and community led.

Governing Structure:

·      Executive Director (Paid position, appointed by and accountable to the Revival Rivers Board under the advisement of the ONEPearland Leadership Council)

·      Leadership Team based on Ephesians 4 – Consists of a 7 – 10 member working team, appointed and approved by the director and existing council to carry out the vision and strategy, 

·      Community and Pastor Advisory Council consists of community representatives including but not limited to representatives from; local clergy, School District, City Government, Chamber of Commerce, non-profit, public service and the PEDC.  Representatives of the Community / Church Advisory Council will meet at least 2 times per year (April and September).

·      Outside Council – Strategic and trusted regional and national relationships that are invited to speak life and council into the vision, strategy and activity of the ministry as needed and requested.

ONE Pearland is a Membership driven organization

Executive Director and Founder - Rick Torrison

Executive Director and Founder - Rick Torrison